OLIVECOAL, leader of ecological Coal

OLIVECOAL coal launches 100% wood-free “ecological “coal, with a high calorific value . OLIVECOAL holds an international patent for making a domestic combustible "clean" for b...

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Our products

OLIVECOAL proposes 100% wood-free “ecological “coal, with a high calorific value and launches on the market its first Brand: OLIVEGRILL which by its unique characteristics make it an id...

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Web Site

The company OliveCoal decided to launch its new website, presenting the company and its services

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Becoming a dealer allows you then to rely on a strong supplier, who is reactive, have an open ear, dynamic that can meet your important claims, and this throughout the year, and can take advantage from innovative , efficient , and constant quality-products , fashionable at the moment , environmentally friendly and at affordable prices . Please c...

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OLIVECOAL has already established its first representative networks in the Mediterranean basin and continues to expand worldwide. Want to represent the range OLIVECOAL in your area, contact us to arrange a meeting.

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Our Partners

Why contacting Olivecoal?

  • Potent, durable and unique products.
  • Products preserving forests and its biodiversity.
  • Ecological friendly products appreciated by consumers.
  • A consistent and impeccable quality.
  • Professional, dynamic and responsive team.
  • Modern plant, environmentally friendly with  high capacity, open year-round.
  • Logistics ensured by the market leaders.
  • A willingness to permanent development by launching new products tailored to markets and claims.